Fulham boss insists his team didn’t deserve to lose to Liverpool

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Fulham boss insists his team didn’t deserve to lose to Liverpool.

Fulham came close to defeating Liverpool in the game at Anfield after taking a 3-2 lead just 10 minutes. Before the end of the day. Before they were hit two goals row in final 5 minutes. Causing a disappointing loss sorry.

Fulham boss Marco Silva insists his team did not deserve to lose in their latest game, being beaten 4-3 by Liverpool at Anfield in the Premier League game last night.

“Of course I’m proud. In my opinion We didn’t deserve that result. If you’ve seen the first half We were able to control the game better, take the ball away from Liverpool, they couldn’t create many chances in the first 45 minutes apart from those great goals. I don’t even remember how many chances they had.”

“In the second half, with a -3-2 lead, they use a counterattack and Darwin Nuñez hit the crossbar. From then on they didn’t create many chances. Until we were up 3-2 and we were able to control the situation of the game.”

“We didn’t deserve to concede the fourth goal when there was a fight for a header. And the ball went to Kostas Simikas. The referee should have seen the ball. But I don’t want to talk about this. I want to talk more about the positives we got from this game,” Silva told ทางเข้า ufabet