Dark chocolate.

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Lucky for chocolate lovers, dark chocolate is nutritious. It has more cocoa than regular chocolate menu. As well as more minerals and antioxidants.

Based on a 2010 FRAP analysis, dark chocolate has up to 15 millimoles of antioxidants per 3.5 ounces (oz), or 100 grams. This is even more than blueberries and raspberries. Which contain up to 9.2 and 4 mmol of antioxidants in the same serving size, respectively UFABET

Moreover, the antioxidants in cocoa and chocolate have been linked to impressive health benefits. Such as decreased inflammation and reduced risk factors for heart disease.

For example, a review of 31 studies looked at the link between cocoa intake and blood pressure in people with normal and high blood pressure.

Consuming cocoa-rich products like dark chocolate reduced levels of both systolic. And diastolic blood pressure more effectively than a cocoa beverage.

Another older study found that chocolate may reduce the risk of heart disease by raising blood antioxidant levels. Raising levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and preventing LDL (bad) cholesterol from becoming oxidized.

Oxidized LDL cholesterol is harmful because it promotes inflammation in the blood vessels. Which can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

Dark chocolate is delicious, nutritious and one of the best sources of antioxidants. Generally speaking, the higher the cocoa content, the more antioxidants the chocolate contains.