Max Allegri praised a big Juventus.

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Juventus boss Max Allegri hailed the performances of his players and their attitude after their last win over Inter.

Zebra beat Inter Milan with a score of 2-0 in Serie A on Sunday night. With the Bianconeri currently ranked fifth in the table after collecting 25 points on the field 13 shots.

“It was great to watch this game. Especially that we were a little lucky in the first half. But when you have a proactive attitude and work for your teammates. UFABET It seems like you’re more likely to get a positive result,” the veteran trainer told DAZN.

“The system of play makes the team more stable than before. But the most important thing is team collaboration. defend behind the ball Understand when it’s time to be patient and that’s what I did for 95 minutes.

“At the beginning of the season. We’ll play for about 30 minutes and then it’s gone. But now we do that throughout the tournament. even in difficult times That’s a big step.

“This is the right spirit and it increases the level of competition within the team.

“The most satisfying thing was beating Inter after losing three of the last four games. It’s important to win in head to head games, we play really well technically. And there is only a risk of the rhythm of Lautaro Martinez. Which only comes from Rabiot’s mistake. with this attitude It wasn’t like we were going to lose a goal.” Max Allegri said.