Ivan Tony still made it to the World Cup despite being tested for gambling.

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The Mirror reports that Ivan Tony could still be included in Gareth Southgate’s squad for the 2022 World Cup. Despite a football betting investigation.

        Ivan Tony the 26-year-old striker is being investigated by the Football Association for possible involvement in gambling prior to his move to Brentford. Which reportedly lasted more than seven months. But there is still no clear conclusion whether there is an offense or not.

         However according to reports in England. Tony still has the right to be called up to the Roaring Lions flag for the World Cup in Qatar before it is concluded UFABET

         At the same time, the report revealed that. Tony’s style of play was not falling into the ball. Because there is no play that indicates that their own team will be defeat. However, such a matter is consider a disciplinary offense as a professional player. While refer to asserting that he is ready to fully cooperate in the investigation. But I will not comment until the end of the investigation.

The FA has made it clear that they prohibit players from betting on sports. And it is claimed that Ivan Tony is being investigated for past gambling. Before he moved to play with a club in the Premier League.