How to play blackjack?

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For anyone who wants to play blackjack Able to play at general online casino websites. But admin suggests that you should choose a reliable website. Or study well before going in to play is the best.

After that you go to the website. and enter the game page when entering. You will see a betting page like this. 
The steps for making bets are not difficult as follows.

  1. Press to select a chip to place a bet first.
  2. After selecting the chip Choose a vacant position. When you get the desired seat position, then press Bet.

When you have already sat on the betting table Next, the dealer will start dealing blackjack cards. When the dealer has dealt all the cards. Everyone can draw cards continuously without limit by calling until you get a satisfactory score. But if the score exceeds 21. The game will be ended and considered lost immediately.UFABET 

But for anyone who wants to place bets according to other players, you can do so. This style of play is called Bet Behind , where you can refer winnings from other players’ cards. But you will not be able to set your own bet amount. (Must bet equal to that player) and cannot tell that player to draw more cards. Or stop calling more cards, that is, if you have placed a bet according to anyone You will not have the right to do anything. In addition to placing bets