Biraghi hopes UEFA will take serious action against West Ham fans.

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Fiorentina football captain Cristiano Biraghi hopes UEFA will deal with stern support. From the fact that he was hit by a blow to his head.

Biraghi was unlucky in the first half of Wednesday’s Europa Conference League final. When West Ham United fans throw things Always come down every time he takes a corner kick.

A variety of objects were thrown from the stands. Including water bottles, glasses, plastic cups. And the heaviest, believed to be an e-cigarette that was thrown at Bieraki’s head, until it drew blood. Then the West Ham players tried. Ask the fans to calm down. and stop the behavior that might create this problem. While the stadium has clearly announced a warning UEFA

“I don’t think I need to say anything. I won’t judge them (West Ham fans) but hopefully someone will do their part. and deal with them.”

Biraghi admits it was the worst time for Fiorentina and Florence. Because before this, he had just lost to Inter Milan in the Coppa Italia finals in a painful way as well UFABET 

“It was very painful. It’s hard to describe the bad feeling. What we have now comes out in words.”

“We are like dead people. Because we are the better team on the field. We’ve been carrying the entire city for the past few weeks. It shows how important Fiorentina is to them.”

“We play for them. And the saddest thing is going home empty-handed.” Biraghi told Sky Italia.