Christmes time is full of shiny decorates. A Hipermarket offer decorates on a window, door, wall or shelves. We can buy an artifical baubles or a glasess baubles. They have interesting, traditional models. The baubles are in colour: green, pink, blue or silver. We can buy usualy expensive a glasess baubles or cheap baubles from plastic.

Many people decided buy decorates they made wonderful Christmas.
The Christmas decoration are shiny, full of colour and magical. The chains give fully on a tree or a window. The Santa Clause, the Snowman, the reindeers and the sprites. The star of bethlehem, product from plastic and brightly with full of colour.
The people do a show of Christmas time, it is very interesting event. This event is about the bethlehem or nativy play. The people made decoration in home and do not buy decorates but things which are need. It cost many of work hours but efect is wonderful.
In conclusion, the christmas time is day off. The christmas suppor is delicious and christmas atmosphere.

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