When Christmas time is come important are symbols for this event. First of all is symbol which name - Christmas tree. We can find many of this articles in market and hipermarket. Many people decide buy artificial tree or living tree. In Polen is tradition but in Australia they have palms.

In Polen sell short or medium or high trees in many of colours. Chose have advantages and disadvantages. The artificial tree we can use a few times but living tree we can use only one. The first tree do not want water do not require care of it. The living tree can be required. We have too many times clean floor and give it water.
Secondly is symbol of star in the sky. We can too buy decoration - artificial star which we give on a tree.
Finally, symbols of Christmas time are presents. The presents where symbol when three Kings gives Jezus some high of quality gifts. In nowadays people gives too presents, they high under the Christmas tree. The presents say about us, that we remember good time with family. We give presents each other because it is tradition. We can buy some interesting, unusual things.

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