Physical activity is an important part of our lives. Thanks to movement our muscles have a chance to function properly and we can enjoy health. But do we all know how to ensure that we can all exercise well? Not really. Most of the pepole think about a set of exercises. We are less interested in the conditions around us, and this is a serious mistake.

So how do you practice to practice well? It's best to practice outdoors - in the park, in the forest, or in your own backyard. Not in the vicinity of asphalt roads, where cars drive, and places where there is a lot of dust. Why? Because it's about clean air. Our muscles need oxygen during activity and in large quantities. But what if we have to stay home? You just need to ventilate the room so that there is fresh air in it and leave the window even ajar during exercise. Oxygen helps your muscles work better. Thanks to oxygen, most of the processes in our body take place. Physical activity outdoors is the best practice, which you can do for your body.

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