Poland is becoming a country more and more eagerly visited by tourists, especially Germany is visiting us. A special region of Poland, where visitors are heading and want to relax is the Pomeranian Voivodeship, here the main goal is Tri-City, especially Gdańsk. However, it can be noticed that the number of tourists arriving to the Puck county is increasing, as well as from different regions of Poland and abroad.

Władysławowo is the most-known place in Poland for its summer character and crowds of visitors. Every year, the beach is full from morning to evening, and shops with various souvenirs and food are open on the city streets. The whole city has a large offer of accommodation bases, tourists can stay in hotels, guest houses or rent rooms from residents. However, more and more people coming to rest in Władysławowa complain about a large crowd of people, that is why they discover other places in the region and they also go to rest.

Such a place can be Puck and other surrounding villages, a small number of residents and a rich Kashubian culture can be a magnet attracting tourists. For those who like to actively rest and want to explore the area is a bike path from Puck to Hel, you can go and enjoy the seaside park and the surrounding nature. Puck as a tourist city has good conditions for sailing on the bay, shallowness makes it a good place for beginners to learn, as well as for a peaceful rest on the beach for families with small children with a view of the Hel Peninsula. In the summer there are numerous concerts and various games for the youngest, it combined with the possibility of renting a room in another part of this small town makes this place ideal for relaxation. City authorities wanting to attract tourists who like to swim in the bay's waters and plan to build a marina that can accommodate about 200 boats

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